Dreaming the old fever-dreams again:
grey imaginings, waning on waking,
defying the studied parameters
of my fretful comprehension.
Wily orientals trapping dreams in reeds
catch subtle thoughts, while
redskins weave their feathers into grasses
to net the sleeping-magic.
My dreams are bound in iron:
rattling the fetters that bind them
they sound their brittle tones through
the windy vaults of my unconscious.
Dreaming the old fever-dreams again:
confounding fitful fancies, foiling sleep.
I'm shaking out my chains
to make room for new dreams.


Autumn day
She turns her face to the autumn sun
its warmth highlighting auburn hair
now sprinkled with silver
a prelude to the Winter years
Perched on a standing stone
one of eight in a grassy circle
she gazes outward to the mountains
listening to echoes of past times
In the kind noon small birds sing
from every tree, crickets chirp in the rushes
a soft breeze moves among the sparkles
of late dewdrops in the sun
The woman sits and listens
breathing in the golden day
the rustle of dying leaves whispers "October"
she will remember this day in mid-winter



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The cloak of pain
There was weeping when the child
donned the cloak of pain:
the curse of generation,
as we leave it, it remains;
pursuing us down bloodline,
intangible but real,
so following the shadow-scent,
it dogged the child's heel.
For the child cast a shadow as it flew
and falling through the heavens
into flesh, was made anew.
So its people swaddled it
and hid away its nakedness,
with drooping hood,
long sleeve and ragged hem;
its motion clumsy,
and its face was never seen again.


About the authors

Etienne Muller, married to Pam, was born in South Africa in 1957 and has lived in Co. Kerry in Ireland since 1977 where he runs the family art gallery near the village of Sneem. He enjoys building wooden boats and sea-kayaks, windsurfing, playing the guitar, and attempting to express his philosophical outlook in the occasional poem.

Pam Muller was born in South Africa in 1958 and moved to Ireland in 1978. Pam is a classical Homoeopath as well as being known for her unique art-work.

Michael Muller, Pam and Etienne's son, was born in Ireland in 1981 and Lives in Co. Kerry. He was an award winner in the first Poetry In The Round competition and has been writing stories and poetry from a very young age.