There was a time when men followed their prophets wholeheartedly, understanding that these few were in direct and unequivocal communication with the angelic beings who guided their tribal destinies.

Then, the single most pivotal event in the history of man occurred: an event awaited by the prophets of old.

The Christ Being incarnated on planet Earth.

This event irrevocably changed the nature of man in many ways: one of which was the beginning of the separation of the individual from group consciousnesses. This separation continued and eventually our prophets were no longer needed or wanted and we were cast into uncertainty, doubt and disbelief, for most were as yet unable to make the connection to the angelic worlds themselves.

We are now, however, entering a time when a new realisation of the Divine is apparent in the world. A wonderful realisation that, though we are without reliable prophets and soothsayers, we can still connect to the higher worlds; and we can do this as Christ intended: each of us our own prophet. All we need is to know that this is possible.

The wonderful messages of wisdom that follow represent over three decades of writing. Anne Muller, the recipient of these messages, feels that it is important that it be said that they were received in a state of full waking consciousness; that they were in no way an exercise in automatic writing or the result of a working from a trance state.

Having after some encouragement been persuaded to publish these "messages", She asks only that you measure everything against the resounding inner ring of truth.


Etienne Muller

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Author's note:

Before my thirties I was an atheist. Practising what I now know as the philosophy of ignorance. That is: I ignored everything that was not obvious, easy to understand or provable. God was a greybeard in the sky and Christ was a man who had started a sect some two thousand years ago whose name had been usurped by cruel and nasty power mongers like the crusaders, the inquisition, witch hunters and slave owners - the list was endless.

Then, like Shakespeare, Goethe and Walt Whitman, to name a few who wrote about it, I had an experience of Christ that changed my life. During the years that followed I was no longer asleep and the thrill of the journey on which I had embarked was too exciting and wonderful to ignore. I became aware that revelation is continuous and that we are all capable of hearing The Christ: those words that make our small existence unfold into vast worlds of endless horizons and limitless love and truth.

I found myself writing down the revelations I was given and in this book I share some of these with those who would wish to read them, if only to defend The Christ from others like myself who once followed the philosophy of ignorance.

The information contained within this book was acquired over a period of time.

One would not wish to rush any worthwhile journey and risk missing out on the personal response that the journey itself elicits as it unfolds.

The meaning of these messages was never intended to be assimilated in a day and they can not be absorbed at a single sitting.

Rather, it is my hope that the reader will work through the book, initially from front to back, in stages that are comfortable.

Personal revelation will lead one on journeys which have destinations, but to arrive at a destination without properly experiencing the process of getting there and the lessons that are to be learned along the way is unfulfilling and, in some cases, dangerous.

My wish is that each section of this book lays the foundations for the next; that every insight leads on to another more profound; that each of us become their own conduit to the wisdom embodied in Love and Truth; and that we arrive there in safety and with joy.


Click here for two excerpts from Messages