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Askif Press is the modest publishing arm of:
Brushwood Studios Art Gallery

Our intention is to publish literature in any genre that will benefit the spirit of humankind.

There are thousands of publishing houses, many with vast resources of capital, and global advertising and distribution networks. The goal of these companies is profit and, while great books are published every year, many great manuscripts lie unseen gathering dust while thousands of mediocre works are disseminated by the million every year to a patient readership.

But! A revolution is taking place in the literary world. For, just as the Gutenberg press in its time made it possible to publish for a wider audience, the PC (well, let's be honest, the MAC) has made it possible for the amateur to produce a ready-for-printing manuscript on CD at home, without the need for any outside help.

Short runs of two or three thousand copies of a paperback fall within the budgets of ordinary people, and there are specialist printers who serve this market.

Add to this the advent of the internet and it has become possible, providing obedience to the God Profit is not an overriding factor, for small enterprises to begin to play in the giants' sandbox.

To date Askif Press has four books to its name. But with each book we learn a little more, and we have discovered the joy that is to free a manuscript from the dust of obscurity and expose it to the light of a book shop shelf.

Watch out for our next publication.

Etienne Muller - Editor - proof reader - typist - cover designer - head scratcher - et al.

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